BCakeNY celebrates Black History Month with themed cakes, facts on Black historical figures

A Black-owned Brooklyn bakery is celebrating Black History Month with themed treats and a little education. BCakeNY, located in Prospect Heights, is selling special cake jars, cakes and cupcakes.
Employees at the bakery also created a booklet highlighting Black historical figures who are on top of the cake jars and cupcakes.
BCakeNY Chief Executive Dara Roach’s father, Max Roach, is in the booklet for being a jazz musician and activist who created protest music.
“We really picked people who weren’t traditional activists,” Roach says. “And they are people who did something with their lives, recognized the fact that they needed to stand up for more than just themselves and their careers and really contributed to humanity at large.”
Roach says she hopes people will enjoy the cakes, but also enjoy learning something while they are eating.