Bed-Stuy church, Department of Correction team up for gang awareness workshop

A Bed-Stuy church hosted a gang awareness workshop Sunday to take proactive steps against violence in the community.
About 100 young people attended the event at the Universal Church to learn about the dangers of gangs and how it impacts their neighborhoods.
The Department of Correction teamed up with the church to host the workshop.
Commissioner of the Correction Intelligence Bureau Shaun Kelly met the community and shared the connection between gun violence and gangs. He said it’s important that people know that the gang life isn't their only option.
"Gang violence is increasing throughout the city, not just Brooklyn. That's why my mission is to make sure I get the word out and I spread the word," Kelly stressed.
The workshop also educated attendees on the types of gangs, reasons why people join gangs and how to spot gang activity on social media. Church Pastor Rafael Costa said this workshop is a wakeup call.
"We have seen the youth dying unnecessary death. Gun violence, we've seen a change as the stats show but I think that it could be better change and we all know the youth is the future of our communities," he said.
For the past few months, the DOC has hosted gang awareness worshops in different churches, schools, and facilities across the city. They say it’s a step to protect the next generation.