Bed-Stuy residents welcome new 7-story building that will take part in NYC Housing Lottery

Brooklyn residents are saying hello to a new seven-story building on Fulton Street that will be included in the New York City Housing Lottery.  
The affordable housing lottery opens for the new luxury building, but some residents in the area say that the building isn’t necessarily that affordable.  
The property, located at 1430 Fulton St., is a mixed-use building. A total of 64 units are available, and 40 of those have been set aside for those that need affordable housing. According to Housing Connect, 30% of the area’s income ranged between $45,000 to a little over $200,000, the required income bracket that applicants must meet to qualify for the lottery. 
Interested in joining the housing lottery for 1430 Fulton Street or other NYC buildings? Click here for more information.