Bed-Stuy tenants say they've gone without gas for weeks

Tenants of a Bedford-Stuyvesant apartment building say they have been without gas since before Thanksgiving.
Eva Washington, who has lived in the 161 Vernon Ave. building for more than 20 years, says she is furious that it's been weeks since she has been able to cook for her husband and daughter.
"None of the families in this building had any Thanksgiving dinners," she says.
Tenants say not only are they upset about having to go so long without gas, but they are now also concerned for their safety over a leak and corroded pipe in the basement.
Washington and other tenants who did not want to go on camera because of fear of retaliation say their landlord, Seth Wiendarden, didn't give them hot plates until Tuesday evening.
When News 12 reached out to Wiendarden, he said the gas problem is being worked on and that he had no comment on the tenants' complaints.