Bed-Stuy resident: 'Bob Box' could stop thieves in their tracks

Lots of packages are stolen every year and usually caught on camera. One Bed-Stuy resident thinks he may have figured out how to stop them in their tracks.
Robert James believes he has the solution with the 'Bob Box.' The way it works is that the delivery person drops the box in one way - then the owner opens the box and takes out their package.
"Right now you have no protection whatsoever, it's left by the mailbox and people sort through the mail or the packages and take which one is theirs. Most of the time it's there. Granted the times that it's not there, particularly this time of year, it walks," said James.
He says he got tired of answering the door for deliveries and came up with this idea, which he is selling for $199. Not only is it an anti-theft device, but he believes it could be a job generator.
James hasn't sold any yet, but he's had some good feedback. The retired dad of three says he will keep pushing his patent-pending invention until he makes a sale.