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Bella's Pizza in Belmont is getting ready for a busy Super Bowl weekend

Bella's Pizza, a community staple, at 4555 3rd Ave. in Belmont is getting ready to fill all the food orders coming in for Super Bowl Sunday.

News 12 Staff

Feb 11, 2023, 6:28 PM

Updated 494 days ago


Bella's Pizza, a community staple at 4555 3rd Ave. in Belmont, got ready on Saturday to fill all the food orders for Super Bowl Sunday.
Some employees said the restaurant has received the most orders for the big game in their almost 10-year history.
The restaurant prepared a variety of Super Bowl foods that included Buffalo wings, juicy burgers and, according to customers, the best pizza in Belmont.
Customers said they're excited for the big day and look forward to seeing the big game, but most were even more excited to munch on some food from Bella's Pizza.
A resident told News 12 that he will bring Bella's Pizza miles away from the Bronx to his family upstate.
Bella's Pizza employees said pizza is what they made the most. They said they received orders for over 30 pies for just one order.
Employees said customers who want to get their orders will wait six hours for their meal.

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