Bigs in Blue program expands with NYPD officers to mentor 180 students

More children will be mentored through the expansion of the Bigs in Blue program in New York City, whose mission is to encourage a partnership between young people and NYPD officers.
In the after-school program, students are paired with an NYPD officer in the hopes of building a bond.
Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York City expects to mentor more than 180 young people with the expansion.
Bigs in Blue grew from three to 12 precincts across Brooklyn, the Bronx and Manhattan this year, with 54 officers participating.
The program is designed to foster positive conversations between young people and police officers in conjunction with the NYPD's Neighborhood Policing Initiative.
Each month, an officer meets with their student to talk about the importance of education, getting away from negative influences and planning for the future.
So far, five precincts across Brooklyn and five across the Bronx are participating but the organization hopes to add more.