Sunny and mild Sunday in New York City; temperatures near 50

News 12 Storm Watch Team Meteorologist Allan Nosoff says it the bitter blast is almost over and Sunday will be spring-like.
OVERNIGHT: A few clouds with rising temperatures, up to 30 by 7 a.m. Feels-like temps improve to 20 at 7 a.m. Wind gusts diminish from 30 mph to just 10-15 mph by daybreak.
SUNDAY: A complete 180 -- partly cloudy and milder. Highs surge to near 50. Showers are close but likely remain offshore at night, mostly cloudy with lows near 41.
MONDAY: Increasing sunshine and even milder. Highs up to 52. Lows crash to 34 with a cold front at night.
TUESDAY: Mostly sunny and nice. Highs near 46. Lows down to 39.
WEDNESDAY: Partly cloudy and milder trend begins again. Highs up to 54. Lows near 44.
THURSDAY: A few showers possible late with a warm front. Highs surge to 58 late in the day. Lows likely remain in the 50s with showers likely.
FRIDAY: Morning showers give way to afternoon sun. Highs are near 60! Lows then crash to 33 at night after a cold front.