BK residents sound off on immigration plan

Brooklyn residents have mixed feelings about the Senate?s proposed immigration reform bill.Some residents believe if the bill is passed, it will have negative affects on the immigrant community.?It?s gonna create a community or a group of people who are gonna be disenfranchised always,? said Mohammad Razvi of the Council of Peoples Organization. ?They?re just going to be workers?and they have no light at the end of the tunnel.? The bill would grant some undocumented immigrants working permits that would last for two years. Immigrants would have to return to their home country after their permits expired before they could re-apply for work visas. Additionally, a greater emphasis will be put on skills and education for green card acquisition. Anton Krylov, an immigrant who acquired his U.S. citizenship, says that many illegal immigrants want the chance to gain legal citizenship. ?We here in Brooklyn know that the hard working people that came to this country mean well, and they would love to be taxpayers and good citizens,? he said. The plan will be on the Senate floor next week.