BK skate park pairs yoga and skateboarding

<p>A Brooklyn skate park is paring the philosophies of yoga with the art&nbsp;of skateboarding.</p>

News 12 Staff

Feb 26, 2018, 12:39 PM

Updated 2,282 days ago


A Brooklyn skate park is pairing the philosophies of yoga with the art of skateboarding.
Skate Yogi in Prospect Lefferts Gardens offers classes for adults and children who want to learn how to nose grind or kick flip while drawing inspiration from yoga.
The idea for the skate park studio came from owner Kevin Banahan, a former yoga teacher.
Banahan says he found that the two activates share similar qualities.
"Kids learn a lot about social dynamics of getting along, encouraging one another and competing with themselves and not each other," he says.
Skate Yogi also offers afterschool programs and day camps. 

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