Black Lives Matter chapter celebrates election results by giving back to Bronx community

The Black Lives Matter New York chapter celebrated the win of President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris with a block party in the Bronx.
The cofounders of the chapter say having Biden as the president-elect doesn't take all their problems away, but it's still a celebration for them, calling it a return to democracy. They say it inspired them to give back to the community.
The organizers say they're bringing together those who were hit hard during the Trump administration by providing resources to the neighborhood.
On Sheridan Avenue, clothes were put out for people to take and dozens of bags of food with nonperishable items were prepared. Children were also given the chance to take part in activities, like painting.
"We're here today building community because, it's one thing to go and vote, but it's another thing to build up in the community. That's where the true power is," says Hawk Newsome, cofounder of BLM Greater New York.
Cofounder Chivona Newsome adds, "When you think about COVID becoming the epicenter— the Bronx, it happened here. When you think about poverty and job loss, it happened here, so I just want my community to be happy, we want our community to be happy and everyone to have a good time."
Organizers say no matter who is in the White House, they will continue to fight for Black lives, and that they plan to hold Biden and Harris accountable.