Black Nile Food Truck owners: Key items stolen from truck need to be replaced

Fanerra and Hasson Dupree, the owners of Black Nile Food Truck, are demanding answers after their food truck was vandalized earlier this month.
The food truck, which is usually parked in a Bed-Stuy neighborhood and sells soul food, was closed for repairs in December.
The Duprees have been in the food industry business for more than five years. It was almost a year ago that they took their talents to Fulton Street.
"We were over on Nostrand and Atlantic and then we were in Flatbush also. So we decided to get out of the restaurant business and move to a food truck," Fannera Dupree explained.
The Duprees said their food would put a smile on many faces, but that all changed a week ago.
"We've been trying to push forward with, you know, getting the business to where we envision it," Fannera Dupree said.
Now the couple is left to pick up the pieces after realizing their truck was vandalized at an impound yard in Islip on Long Island. Not only was the truck destroyed but almost everything inside was stolen -- from the generator battery to all the wiring equipment, even the fuse box was taken.
"They told us that none of their employees do it, so they were not liable for fixing the truck. They said they don't have real cameras on there. It's no way of them knowing who exactly did anything," Fannera Dupree said.
The Duprees said they hope the community can step up and help. They said their food truck was more than just a business, but their purpose.
"We moved out of the brick and mortar because we wanted to be able to stick to our purpose on what the business is originally about, and to have something like this happen, it was just like heartbreaking 'cause we do so much for people in the community," Fannera Dupree said.
The Duprees said they filed a police report on Long Island, but nothing came from it.
As for the food truck, they said they hope to get it back up and running in the few weeks.
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