Blind man falls to his death in Riverdale

A visually impaired senior citizen fell down an elevator shaft to his death at a Riverdale apartment building Thursday morning, police say.
Police say 67-year-old Sheldon Scott told his wife he was going to run an errand at the bank. After he failed to return home, his wife reported him missing. Police officers who arrived on the scene found Scott's body at the bottom of an elevator shaft. Scott was rushed to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead on arrival.
It remains unclear whether the elevator was out of order at the time of the incident and whether the door of the elevator was ajar. Neighbors at 25 Knolls Crescent say the elevator has a history of violations.
"It's out of order constantly, and yet two weeks ago, we've had the repair man here for three, four days," says Pearl Korn.
The Department of Buildings cited the Riverdale apartment complex for six elevator violations Wednesday, which were later dismissed.