Bravo Brooklyn: Noah Raspberry

A 6-year-old boy is giving back to kids at local shelters with the help of his father.
Noah Raspberry loves to floss, loves his dad and loves to give back. For the second year in a row, Noah and his father Darnell have collected toys for children at local shelters. This year they collected about 400 toys.
His father says giving back is not a new concept. "Every day in the morning he packs two lunches, one for himself and one for another child who doesn't have a school lunch. It's something that he did and I paid attention to it," says Darnell Raspberry.
Darnell Raspberry hopes others will take what Noah is doing and be inspired.
"It's kind of heartbreaking, people are always walking past the homeless and unfortunate. We're not doing it, so hopefully, everyone just does their part and does their own selfless act, and be a young humanitarian like he is," says Darnell Raspberry.