Bravo Brooklyn: Woman works to build stronger bonds between father and daughters

A Brooklyn woman is working tirelessly to build a stronger bond between dads and daughters.
Guslene Bubak has been a hairstylist and cosmetologist for more than two decades, and she says making others happy is a life she's dreamed of.
However, when she's not at the salon working her magic, she's at the Children's Corner Early Childhood Center. This is where she holds many of her daddy-daughter themed workshops as part of her nonprofit the Terre Rouge Project.
"It means red soil, and red represents the foundation. The father is your foundation. If you have a strong foundation, everything's going to flourish," said Bubak.
Her workshops range from 'Daddy Does My Hair' to 'Daddy-Daughter Sip and Paint.' She says she does all of this in honor of her late father.
"My mom left when I was two, and he was the one who took the role of being the mother and the father," said Bubak. When she was nine, she says she moved from Haiti to Brooklyn.
"He did not speak English and he had to do it on his own. Every father can do it as well. They just need the tools," said Bubak.
So now, she works tirelessly to provide those tools. She says that even though the dads who attend may not be pro-status just yet, that they are at least getting one-on-one time with their little girls.
"Even if they don't take away that hairstyle or that technique, at least they got to bond with their daughter," said Bubak.