Bronx advocates say Grieving Families Act would help families of gun violence victims

A new version of the Grieving Families Act is heading to the governor's office, which would allow families to sue if they lose their loved one in a wrongful death.
Activists in the Bronx say this bill could help victims of gun violence. 
David Caba has seen firsthand what losing a loved one can do to a family.
“I remember people going door to door, asking for help to bury a loved one, like no one should have to go through that,” he says. 
In his work with Bronx Rises Against Gun Violence, Caba not only fights to end shootings in the borough but also to help families pick up the pieces. He says a new law could make that healing a little easier.
Caba says this could be a gamechanger for Bronx residents who lose a loved one to gun violence.
“A lot of people don't really know what happens to the families of victims,” he says. 
New York's current 175-year-old wrongful death law allows families to sue a gun manufacturer or a hospital, for example, only for financial loss.
The Grieving Families Act would let them sue for emotional damage as well. It passed the state Assembly and Senate this week.
In January, Gov. Kathy Hochul vetoed an older version of the bill over concerns that it was too broad and could drive up insurance costs.
The new bill narrows down some parts of the law, such as which family member can sue.