Bronx, Brooklyn twin brothers now brother and sister

A pair of identical twins from the Bronx and Brooklyn who were once brothers are now brother and sister.
Branden Miguel and Jada Tahiry, 27, were born identical twin boys, but Tahiry, who once went by the name Bryan, has transitioned to become a woman.
The two siblings are best known on Instagram as @yourfavoritetwinz.
Through their social media page, they share their comedic acts and wacky antics with their over 27,000 followers.
In 2015, Tahiry decided to transition into a woman and upon completion of her transition, her twin brother Branden also came out as gay.  
Growing up in New Orleans, the identical twin boys who were often mistaken for one another are now completely different looking.
Tahiry says she has enjoyed finally being who she actually is, but it wasn't easy.
In the early stages of her transition she says she was fired from a job because her name was not legally changed and her brother stopped talking to her out of fear their relationship would change.
However, she says the two could not be happier.