Bronx business owner sends excess donations to food pantry after community helps with his vandalized van

A Bronx business that relies on its van, since there is no storefront, was vandalized twice in one month. But he turned a bad experience into an act of kindness.
The owner of Don Carvajal Cafe, Hector Castillo Carvajal, uses a delivery van to run his business.
After it was vandalized twice in September, Carvajal posted a video to Instagram and promoted a GoFundMe page to fix up the van.
The community reacted and Carvajal reached his goal of $500 to help pay for the repairs.
He is now sending the rest of the donations to a local food pantry. He says he doesn't believe in fighting fire with fire, but instead, doing the right thing.
Carvajal is now parking the van in a private parking lot to hopefully avoid it getting broken into again.