Bronx Community College invests in sustainability through India study abroad program

News 12 is taking a look at a sustainability study abroad program at Bronx Community College making an impact in India and on its students.
Each morning began with yoga as part of the school's fully immersive sustainability study abroad trip to India. The program gives Bronx Community College and CUNY students a look at the bigger picture of the planet. The program started in 2019 but has been on hold since the pandemic.
Selected students journeyed across the globe to Professor Paramita-Sen's home country. They put to practice what they've learned in the lab to help learn more about India's climate and install a weather station which they can now monitor back in the Bronx on their phones.
The unforgettable tour included visiting an orphanage, dancing with locals and even taking in the Taj Mahal. The students said they made sustainability changes in their own lives when they returned to New York, like ditching plastic water bottles and using wooden utensils.
The college received a national science foundation grant that will provide funding for students to study air pollution in Dheli and Mumbia for the next three years. They kick off their next trip in January 2023.