Bronx DA: Borough has most opioid overdoses across five boroughs

According to the Bronx District Attorney's Office, the Bronx holds the unenviable title of having the highest number of opioid overdoses across the city.  
Numbers continue to surge in fentanyl overdoses across the nation, and the Bronx is not an exception to that. Each year, the number of Bronx residents fatally overdosing passes that of any other borough.  
Noel Concepcion, of BronxWorks, says that the organization works to combat the rise in overdoses every day.  
"Our agencies policy is that our staff walk around with a kit to deal with it at any instance while on the job,” said Concepcion. “We also offer our clients testing strips which allow clients to actually test what they plan to use if they use any fentanyl." 
Bronx Works has been battling the opioid epidemic for almost a decade, providing training and safe spaces for those looking to get help.  
Recent studies show that testing strips have been making impacts in the community to reduce overdoses, as well as Narcan spray bottles that are used to reverse an overdose. 
Gov. Kathy Hochul announced over $7 million for 15 providers across New York to support medication for addiction treatment on Monday. The funds will establish comprehensive low-threshold buprenorphine services, designed to meet the ongoing need for medication and other addiction services by providing same-day enrollment in treatment and care management.