Bronx DA calls for an end to child abuse after release of ‘staggering’ new stats

Bronx District Attorney Darcel Clark is calling for an end to child abuse in the Bronx community. 
It comes after numbers were released.“Our physical abuse investigations tripled during the COVID shutdown,” said Clark. 
She says it's why she’s collaborating with local health officials in announcing a “No Hit Zone” campaign Tuesday. 
The campaign was created to raise awareness about child abuse. The campaign includes a crisis hotline that parents or caregivers can call if they are feeling stressed. 
Doctors say that physically disciplining a child, including spanking, can have negative long-term effects on a child’s health or behavior. 
“Not all people who use physical discipline abuse their children, but the problem is it’s too easy to cross over from using physical discipline, corporal punishment, into physical abuse,” said Dr. Jaime Hoffman-Rosenfeld. 
Health officials say that parents should try to use other methods of teaching and disciplining kids. 
Doctors added that many parents resort to physical discipline when they feel overwhelmed.