Bronx education administrator gives back, inspires students

A Bronx educator is helping students reach their potential through the lessons he has learned in life.
Ja'keel Daniels is the academic dean and principal in residence at DREAM Mott Haven Middle School on Wales Avenue. He's been in that role for the past two years.
He's accomplished a lot in his seven-year career as an educator, which includes earning his Ph.D.
However, Daniels says academics didn't always play an important part of his life.
In his younger years, grades took a back seat to his standout skills in baseball - his primary focus until he says he experienced what he called "an awakening."
"Once I got kicked out of high school, this changed me. I saw the impact it had on my mom," Daniels says.
Now he's passing that passion to students and teachers at DREAM Mott Haven.
In addition to mentoring students, he also runs the school's Saturday Academy, a weekend program that provides emotional support to students and helps those who are falling behind.
The Bronx charter school will soon be launching its first-ever student athletic program, which will be led by Daniels.
Daniels says he's excited to combine his passion for sports and academics together. n mandate in workplace environments starting Friday.