Bronx engineering students create water filtration system for school in Puerto Rico

Engineering college students in the Bronx have created a water filtration system to help aid a school in Puerto Rico in the wake of Hurricane Maria.
Manhattan College student Giuseppe Costanza gained inspiration for the idea after watching a video of a child using a trash can and liner to collect drinking water after the hurricane struck the island.
During their spring break in March, juniors Samantha Rosado and Giuseppe, along with their professor, went to Colegio de La Salle— a grade-school serving about 170 kids in the city of Anasco, Puerto Rico.
They surveyed the broken water system and quickly determined the water and electricity's on and off functions were no longer consistent.
Students and staff at the school are often tasked with carrying buckets of water to the bathroom, just to flush the toilets.
Both Rosado and Giuseppe say they will return to the school in Puerto Rico to install their filtration system onto the existing pipework.