Bronx entrepreneur, 83, releases book that teaches the importance of etiquette

An 83-year-old Bronx entrepreneur wrote a book that teaches manners and etiquette -- something she says this new generation is lacking.
The book by Barbara Gibson Lagrant gives readers the entire rundown on how to sit on a table and how to eat properly with the utensils, starting from the outside in.
Lagrant, also known as "Ms. G," says her passion came very young after seeing young children passing her by without greeting. That is when she says she had to do something to make a change in the Bronx.
Throughout the years, Lagrant has hosted various workshops and has worked with countless organizations to teach the importance behind manners, etiquette and self-esteem.
Her book is only 10 days old and says she could not be more grateful.
She says her next steps are promoting her book while continuing to spread manners and etiquette throughout the Bronx.