Bronx family says they’ve lived in rodent-infested apartment for years

A family in Morris Heights says their apartment has been infested with rodents for two years, and it’s impacting the health of the entire family.  
The mother and father say their University Avenue apartment is so infested that they barely want to sit on their own furniture. Their daughter often wakes up with her face swollen and a rash on her skin.  
Video shared from the family shows rats poking their heads out of holes in the walls and crawling along the doorframes in the home. This family says this is what they wake up to daily since they moved into the former cluster site homeless shelter that was converted into affordable housing in 2021.  
The family did add that the superintended provided them with glue traps, but that is the fullest extent the building’s management has gone to help them out. The family says this is not a livable home, and they are pleading for a long-term solution.  
News 12 has reached out to the building’s management and is awaiting a response.