Bronx Ghanian church celebrates the life of slain Bronx taxi driver

An Allerton church celebrated Saturday the life of Kutin Gyimah, the Bronx cab driver was killed while dropping off fare evaders in Queens two weeks ago.
Mourners at the Ghana United Methodist Church showed how much Gyimah was cared for and how much he impacted the church and community.
Gyimah’s widow and his children and other mourners crowded the church wearing red and black, which signifies a grieving period in Ghanian culture.
The church said the gathering was a celebration and is typically held to commemorate the life of the person who died. It was also the day that they officially announce the death to their community.
Organizers said the church is thankful for the outpouring of support from the community and that their goal is to make sure Gyimah did not die in vain.
Church leaders said Gyimah will be buried on Sept. 23 and that the wake will be held in the sanctuary at the church.