Bronx high school football player weighs in on his experience at nationally infamous Bishop Sycamore

He was among the leaders at his position of running back in the city and working toward his goal of playing Division I college football.
Along the way, he ended up at Christian of Faith, or COF Prep School in Ohio. Agyen quickly found out that the school wasn’t what they said it was. He spent four months at COF, during which he says practices were disjointed and unsafe because there was no athletic trainer on staff.
Classes, which were said to start on Sept. 1, were delayed and never actually happened. Housing was promised but never delivered either, leading to the team sleeping in the home of the coach’s girlfriend.   
Agyen left the school, and as people around the country began to figure out COF was a scam, they changed their identity. COF became Bishop Sycamore, and in 2021, they became infamous across the U.S. after playing a nationally televised game and getting blown out and embarrassed.
That game is now the subject of a documentary being released next week, where Aygen is featured.