Bronx LGBTQ+ center kicks off week of events ahead of National Trans Visibility March

Monday marks the first of many events ahead of the National Trans Visibility March taking place in New York City.  
Destination Tomorrow, a Bronx-based LGBTQ+ center, is hosting the march this year, and kicked off the big news with a celebration.  
Each year, the march goes to a different state and has made its way to New York City for the very first time. Organizers say this year is especially important as it comes ahead of the 2024 election.  
The upcoming week of events aims to raise awareness and visibility around the transgender community while also providing resources. 
“We need safe spaces to celebrate what we’ve accomplished and what we will continue to accomplish,” said Tabytha Gonzalez, a human right specialist and trans rights activist. “If one thing is for certain, we have been a resilient community.” 
Destination Tomorrow will host a series of events, including a financial empowerment session, information on voting for the upcoming election, and how to connect with faith-based organizations.  
“You hear so many negative comments about what it means to be trans, we’re this and we’re that, and folks never get an opportunity to know us,” said Sean Ebony Coleman, CEO of Destination Tomorrow. “It’s easier to hurt someone or harm someone when you’ve already devalued them, so we’re going to show you what our value is.” 
The march takes place this Saturday in Manhattan.