Bronx man battling rare cancer welcomed back to NY following ‘life-changing’ surgery

A Bronx man who is fighting a rare cancer was welcomed back home Saturday after spending the last two months recovering from surgery in Ohio.
Anthony Di Laura’s family and friends held a celebration for him at Brewskis Bar and Grill in Throgs Neck.
The father of two was diagnosed with appendix cancer three years ago.
Di Laura underwent multiple surgeries and rounds of chemotherapy only to be told that it was inoperable. Di Laura and his wife, however, refused that answer.
He was approved for a multi-transplant surgery last March. The procedure had only been successfully performed on one other U.S. patient. The only problem was that his insurance company initially denied the request.
After Di Laura’a story spread across media outlets, including News 12, his insurance company approved the surgery.
"Being told I had two months to live, that I should go on hospice, to getting life-changing surgery – it still feels surreal. I am very blessed for the support I have – my wife, my kids and everyone who prays,” Di Laura said.
Di Laura will undergo radiation treatment to remove the remaining cancer that's in his body.
"I'm not stopping and I'm not going to give up. I have too much to live for," he said.