Bronx mother opens store that sells adaptive, fashionable clothing for kids with special needs

A mother in the Bronx has opened a store that sells adaptive, fashionable clothing for children with special needs.
Raquel Johnson says the clothing line at KMJ Love Wear in Riverdale was inspired by her late daughter.
"My daughter, her name was Kaidence Mara Johnson, and in case you're wondering why the KMJ, that's her initials," she says.
Johnson says Kaidence had a feeding tube that made it difficult to dress her
"Because of her disability we couldn't find any clothing that actually fit her, only dresses and stuff like that, and it would be so hard to get clothes on her so majority of the time she would be naked," she says.
Johnson says she decided to help other children moving forward in her daughter's memory.
They also carry masks and clothing for those without special needs.