Bronx mother says she and her children are living with mold, rodents and without running water

A Bronx mother says she and her children have been living with mold and rodents in their Soundview apartment, but after nearly a week with no running water in their sink, she’s saying she’s had enough.  
Stephanie Diaz says her family lost access to water on Saturday after she claims maintenance at the Sonia Sotomayor Houses came to fix a leak, causing damage in her third-floor apartment.  
The mother of three says she was told that someone would return to make repairs, and while she has running water in her bathroom sink, she’s unable to use that sink for cooking and cleaning purposes.  
"A pot doesn't even fit in there. A bowl won't even fit in there,” said Diaz. “All I want to do is raise my kids to be happy." 
A representative from the New York City Housing Authority and a maintenance worker stopped by Diaz’s apartment while News 12 was present, telling Diaz that they would address her infestation complaints, but were not there to restore her water.  
News 12 has reached out to NYCHA to learn about how they can help. They denied there being a water outage in the building, and in a statement said, in part: 
"NYCHA has been working with the resident to schedule requested repairs, as well as an exterminator to respond to pest concerns." 
The agency also added that they will be doing a mold inspection and will address any issues there.