Bronx native preparing to open bookstore in Kingsbridge area

It’s been more than a decade since the Riverdale or Kingsbridge area of the Bronx has had a bookstore. Now, Kirstie Reynoso Miranda says she’s ready to fill that gap. 
Reynoso Miranda is planning to open a bookstore in the area by the end of the year. She says the last bookstore in the neighborhood was on Riverdale Avenue, and it closed back in 2008. 
She says she’s had a dream since she worked in the community library as a teen, but that the coronavirus pandemic made her get serious about the endeavor. 
Reynoso Miranda is headed to a one-week seller's school on Saturday and plans to stock 12,000 titles with diverse genres from anime to work by local authors. 
She says she’s excited for her first customers, hopefully in time for the holidays.