Bronx officials: $1 million funding to go to schools, senior centers, parks and library upgrades

Council Member Pierina Sanchez joined residents and community leaders Tuesday to announce a $1 million investment into schools, senior centers, parks and libraries in the Bronx
Sanchez said the money is targeted to improving the quality of life for young people and seniors in District 14.
This is the second year that $1 million was allocated to the community through a process called participatory budgeting, which allows community members to play an active role in deciding how their tax dollars are invested. Sanchez said 1,000 people participated in the process.
The $1 million will be distributed for several projects, including tree planting at University Park, a cafeteria renovation at Bronx Works Senior Center, a technology upgrade and mini-STEM lab at Francis Martin Library and a new media center at P.S. 206.
The largest amount of funding, $750,000, will go to M.S. 390 to upgrade the gymnasium with new flooring, mats and basketball hoops.