Parishioners celebrate Easter Mass at St. Helena's Church in Parkchester

News 12’s Greg Thompson spoke to churchgoers about their plans for the day.

News 12 Staff

and Greg Thompson

Mar 31, 2024, 5:27 PM

Updated 21 days ago


Parishioners filled the pews for Easter Sunday Mass at St. Helena's Church in Parkchester - marking one of biggest days of the year in the Christian religion.
"I think Easter is a more powerful Christian holiday than Christmas. I really believe that," said Laura Torres, who lives in the neighborhood.
Father David Powers, the pastor at the church, agreed.
"Remember in school – you’re constantly told that what's important will be said and repeated time and again? And so Easter Sunday reminds us of the things that are most important in your spiritual life," he said.
That means that the added people in the pews, the candy basket for the kids and the extra singing and flowers aren't the only ways that Easter Mass is different from other Sundays.
“We have our spiritual photo album. And we tell the stories of our faith," said Powers.
That also includes the chance for members of the congregation to renew their baptismal vows as a special part of the holiday service.
"What is your long-term goal?" Powers says. "To spend all of eternity with God in heaven – and Easter reminds us of our relationship with God, and our long-term goal."
Churchgoers told News 12 they planned to go out with friends and family afterward for holiday brunch or lunch.

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