Bronx resident uses catering company to help box meals for New Yorkers in need

New Yorkers are helping other New Yorkers across the city, and one Bronx resident is doing his part by partnering with the city to provide thousands of meals. 
 James Peterson has patterned with the city to give back to his community. 
“We got a warehouse; it was last minute, but we had to ramp up very quickly, just so we can supply the need,” says Peterson.
In the last two weeks, Peterson switched gears, transforming his catering business, E.A.T, into a packing hub.
“What we do is supply those distribution sites,” says Peterson.
He says the goal is to package 10,000 boxes a day to be handed out throughout New York City.
“Inside a pantry box are fruits, grains, dry beans, things that have a longer shelf life,” says Peterson.
Peterson says he has also hired people from across the city who’ve lost their jobs.
“It’s disheartening to see how something like this is devastating so many people,” says Peterson.
A mission he says his wife, who lost her battle to cancer two weeks ago, would be proud off.
“She told me ‘go ahead on and continue what they asked you to do. I’m going to go home, I will see you when you get there,’” says Peterson.
Peterson says there’s no place he’ll rather be than serving his community. That’s what Candy, his wife, would want him to do.
“I believe she walks with me every day. I’m just happy she’s been able to give me her energy to move forward,” he says.