Bronx residents complain of raw sewage leak on Burke Avenue

Residents of Burke Avenue reached out to News 12 for this same issue back in 2021. Now, it's back in their neighborhood, and the Department of Environmental Protection is investigating homes in the area.

News 12 Staff

Feb 10, 2023, 11:11 PM

Updated 472 days ago


Bronx residents say Burke Avenue is ruined with a foul smell due to a sewage leak on their sidewalk.  
The leak stems from a crack outside of 74-year-old Earlene Walker-Brown’s home. News 12 spoke with Walker-Brown on this issue back in 2021, and she reached out to News 12 just a few days ago to say the problem has returned.  
“They said it was fixed, but now it’s pouring out again,” said Walker-Brown. “It’s a health concern. I have asthma, and I don’t want to get sick again.” 
The longtime resident isn’t sure where the leak’s source is, but the Department of Environmental Protection ordered a nearby homeowner to repair their private sewer line as a fix the last time she spoke to News 12.  
The DEP is back in Allerton, where they are testing the water in homes along Burke Avenue to try and track down the source of the re-emerged leak. They say they haven’t been able to test out every home on the street, with one home being locked and another with a for sale sign out front.  
News 12 has reached out to the Department of Environmental Protection for a status update on the repairs and is awaiting their response.

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