Bronx residents rally against proposed shelter coming to their community

Residents in the Fordham neighborhood came together to push back against the city’s Department of Homeless Security against another shelter coming to their neighborhood.  
Reports from the Department of Homeless Services show that the Bronx leads the five boroughs in terms of number of shelters, with 129 locations to date. 
Upset residents made their voices heard at a community board meeting, where members discussed the issues they have with having more shelters come to their borough. 
According to the DHS website, their policy does not designate specific locations for shelters – instead, nonprofit organizations and property owners can submit proposals for where they want to put shelters, which the DHS approves.  
Some residents at the community board meeting say that they are not against shelters in the Bronx, but that they would prefer to see more permanent housing for the homeless.  
News 12 has reached out to the Department of Homeless Services for a statement and is awaiting a response.