Bronx residents walk to remember borough’s homicide victims

Bronx residents participated in a walk to remember homicide victims on the National Day of Remembrance.  
Kyhara Tay, 11, is among the many victims being remembered. She tragically died in May after being struck by a bullet intended for teenager on the corner of Westchester Avenue and Fox Street.  
Tay’s family, friends and members of the NYPD made their way past the site of her death during the walk.  
Participants told News 12 that this event is meant to ensure that the memories of homicide victims are never forgotten.   
"It's so important that we let our loved ones up in heaven know that we care, and we let their families know they're not alone. That's why today is so important,” said Jackie Rowe Adams, a participant who lost his sons to gun violence.  
The walk was just one of five that will take place in each borough.  The group is expected to arrive at City Hall this afternoon.