Bronx seniors strengthen minds and bodies through Tai Chi

Seniors at the PSS Davidson Center on Union Avenue are mastering the martial art of Tai Chi, strengthening their minds and bodies. 
The slow, gentle and flowing movements of Tai Chi intend to help the mind and body develop a better connection. Those who have been going to the classes for months or even years say it’s made a significant difference in their lives.  
“I think it is great for meditation, I think it is great for your body,” said one Tai Chi student. “They teach you different exercises, so you don’t fall. I love it.” 
The participating seniors are dealing with everything from daily aches and pains to surgery recovery and chronic health issues. They say they can’t afford to miss any of their classes – the health benefits are just that good.  
Tai Chi instructor Hakeem Woodward has been teaching the martial art for two decades, and has been instructing seniors at the Davidson Center for seven years. He says the focus for each class is to keep them moving and feeling alive.  
“We are here to enhance their longevity, their cognitive skills… my main objective is to not fall and keep balance and coordination,” said Woodward. “It gives them the spiritual balance, it helps you mentally.” 
The nonprofit says its doors are always open to new seniors looking to take another step in their mental and physical health journey.