Bronx tenants want city to fix smelly sewage blockage

Several tenants of Throggs Neck Houses voiced their complaints about a smell in their building emanating from a sewage blockage and say they want the city to extinguish it.
Tenants explain the blockage caused the boiler room to flood and water and feces to puddle up outside. They say the smell wafts up from the basement and throughout the whole building.
The tenants say they keep the windows shut and the air conditioning on to keep the smell out. They say it has been a problem for years and New York City Housing Authority has done nothing about it.
News 12 The Bronx contacted NYCHA and on Saturday they sent plumbers out to 545 Calhoun Avenue to fix the stoppage. However, tenants say the plumbing needs a complete overhaul, not just a temporary fix.
A NYCHA spokesperson said he is not aware of any long-term problem. He says workers fixed the whole system Saturday and sanitzied the area.