Bronx twins help out peers by creating activities for kids during COVID-19

A pair of Bronx twins are helping out their peers during the pandemic by creating activities for kids - all while trying to help others stay positive.
The 12-year-old Dowe twins say they are all about spreading positivity, especially since COVID-19 has been spreading, by updating their social media pages with daily doses of wisdom, advice and inspiration.
Princeton and Brazil Dowe have been working on something special since this pandemic started - a workbook and flashcards to help motivate other kids during this time of remote learning.
Pre-sale began Nov. 1, and for every two that are bought throughout the holiday season, one will be donated to kids in a shelter.
They help each other stay positive and get through their own challenges -- they were born prematurely and were diagnosed with autism -- but nothing's stopping their drive to spread love and advocacy for kids with disabilities.