Bronx vaccination site administers Pfizer vaccine after Johnson & Johnson halt

A Bronx vaccination site has shifted to other options after federal officials recommended a pause on the use of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine following a few reports of a rare but serious blood clot. 
The Alergia Health and Wellness Center originally planned on administering the state J&J vaccine but when it was put on hold, it had to shift efforts. 
On Monday, they were successfully able to open their doors and get New Yorkers their shots but only because they had the ultra-cold freezer needed for the Pfizer doses. 
Dr. Joel Rose says the J&J vaccine is an adenovirus vaccine, which means it contains a modified harmless virus to teach your body to fight COVID-19. 
However, he says Pfizer and Moderna use mRNA to teach our cells how to trigger an immune response. 
He says getting the coronavirus poses a higher risk of serious illness or even death compared to any of the vaccines and he is encouraging vaccination.