Bronx woman found dead along banks of Bronx River Parkway had been reported missing

The NYPD is investigating the cause of death of a Bronx woman who was found along the banks of the Bronx River Parkway earlier this week.  
The woman has been identified as Nicosha Gayle, who was reported missing in March. Police say Gayle was last seen leaving her apartment building, with no word since.  
Marrion Carter, Gayle’s mother, told News 12 that Gayle suffered from mental health issues, including depression and bipolar disorder, and thought Gayle was receiving help due to a letter that came from Social Services outlining Gayle’s conversation with them on April 1.  
“You could have called for help,” said Carter. “Either she died in your possession, in your home or whatever this happened, but to throw my child, like she's garbage, like she's nothing… she was very loved, she has a beautiful daughter that misses her mommy so much.” 
Gayle’s family is asking for the community for financial support to plan her funeral. Click here to access the GoFundMe.