Bronx woman’s wedding gown still missing more than 13 months after ceremony

A Bronx woman had dreams of passing on a special wedding dress to her daughter – that is, if it ever seen again.
Theresa Pinto got married in Nov. 2019 to her sweetheart of 13 years. It was purchased for her by her daughter, who is in the military.
She turned to David’s Bridal to clean and preserve the white gown and was told it would take 6-8 weeks. That was in Dec. 2019. The dress is still missing.
Pinto says she has been in contact with David's Bridal and Gowns Preservation with no avail. It even got to the point when she says one of the managers tried to convince her she never dropped off her dress.
“The responses I’m getting from them is they don’t have the dress. UPS doesn’t have it – and Pricilla from Wedding Gowns Preservations didn’t receive it, as well,” Pinto told News 12.
David's Bridal gave News 12 a statement about the missing dress:
“From our investigation, it looks like the UPS tracking was never scanned at the point of origin, and the Memories Team [at Gown Preservations] confirmed that they never received the package. Our team, as well as the team at Memories, have been in touch with the customer, and we will do whatever we need to do to course correct this matter and make the customer whole again.”