BronxCare nurses, advocates call for hospitals to address nurse shortages

All over the country, there's been a nationwide shortage of nurses. It's an issue that’s affecting hospitals in New York City as well as the Bronx where nurses rallied outside of BronxCare over what they say are unfair contracts.
This isn't the first time the New York Nurses Association has taken to city streets to call for change, but this time they weren't alone. Assemblyman Kenny Burgos and members of the New York Immigration Coalition joined in the fight.
One of the things these nurses want is for their contracts to enforce safe staffing. One nurse who lives just a few blocks from the hospital says that BronxCare is frequently short-staffed and that patients suffer as a result.
The New York Nurses Association says that 30,000 nurses all across the state are currently bargaining their contracts, but that negotiations with BronxCare have stalled.
However, the clock is ticking because many of these contracts expire on Dec. 31.
News 12 reached out to BronxCare and has yet heard back.