Brooklyn artist to be featured on NBC TV competition 'Making It'

An artist in Brooklyn has been selected to compete with people across the country on NBC’s show “Making It.”

News 12 Staff

Dec 4, 2019, 12:49 PM

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An artist in Brooklyn has been selected to compete with people across the country on NBC’s show “Making It.”
Jessie Bearden has been using non-traditional materials to make works of art and is doing much more while on the show.
The 28-year-old faces off against some of the most talented makers from the across the country, taking on handmade projects hoping to impress hosts Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman, and the expert judges.

“They were exactly what you would expect, nice, funny, genuine and whether the camera was on or off it was just the same,” says Bearden.

Bearden tells News 12 the show was no easy task.
"I'm sure they have endless footage of me just running back and forth and back and forth, outside and inside and that was way more intense than I expected,” says Bearden.

Nonetheless, Bearden says her experience was all worth it. 

“Being in New York I obviously don't have room for these giant power tools and when we were out there we had access to any tool you could imagine,” says Bearden.

She was out in Los Angeles filming last March and April and is excited to finally see season two make its debut.
While she says she was originally skeptical of throwing herself into a TV competition, she is forever grateful for the experience. 

“I just never would've been able to have those skills without people that taught me, so that was amazing,” she says.

Bearden says it was the people who made her time on the show so special. 

“We have a giant group text and we've been texting for I guess nine months,” says Bearden.

Viewers can find out next week how she did in the competition, but it seem regardless of what happens on the show, Bearden has big things coming.

“I really want to do more large scale work, as big as I can go if I can, just go to the desert and like go crazy with it then that's what I hope to do," says Bearden.

“Making It” airs this week and next week on NBC with a two-hour finale next Wednesday.

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