Brooklyn artist's ‘Unarmed’ project memorializes Black victims of police violence

A Brooklyn artist is making a lot of noise through art and sending a powerful message against police violence. 
Sports jerseys are posted along Flatbush Avenue. But the jerseys don’t bare the names of top sports stars, they feature the names of George Floyd, Sandra Bland and Eric Garner. In 2013, after Treyvon Martin’s acquittal, Brooklyn artist Raafi Rivero started an art project titled "Unarmed."
The project memorializes Black victims of police violence, and each jersey details a different story. 
“It’s almost like a baseball card, it has the stats. It has the person's name, their age, the date, the kind of incident, whatever happened and the number of bullets, the number of times they were shot by the police,” says Rivero.  
Rivero tells News 12 he’s seen the reaction of those who walk by his work. “This guy was taking a selfie and he was FaceTiming and texting his friends, he saw the Sean Bell jersey and he just stopped dead in his tracks,” says Rivero. 
He says he hopes the message detailed in his art speaks volumes. 
“I think the main thing is to keep the pressure, let people never forget the way police are treating Black people,” says Rivero.