Brooklyn-born and Bronx-based artist saves bees with artwork

Lerone Wilson is a Brooklyn-born and Bronx-based artist who uses beeswax to create 3-D sculptures that look like the surface of another planet.  
 "That narrative and content of it coming from Africa was really important and I wanted to learn," Wilson says.
He uses pure beeswax with other bee byproducts and powdered pigment over heat to create his artwork.
Wilson’s pieces sell from $6 to $60,000 each,  and his work has buzzed out of the borough to galleries around the world, showing at Art Basel in Miami.
Wilson says he is on a mission to be creative while saving his favorite striped critters.
 “We need the bees. My whole concept and process is about saving the bees and that’s been my gift and my duty on this planet,” he says.