Brooklyn Botanic Garden exhibit allows patrons to interact, listen to plants

An exhibit at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden has patrons interacting and listening to different types of plants.
At the Sonic Succulents exhibit, people can listen to the insides of plants through headphones by rubbing leaves and stems. 
The concept was created by Los Angeles artist Adrienne Adar. She uses handmade sensors inserted into the plant or into the soil to amplify the sounds within. Some sounds that can be heard are the water being soaked up by the plant and the plant’s reaction to being touched.
Staff members say they notice the exhibit is very popular and patrons really enjoy interacting with the botany.
Visitors can also learn about growth, communication, ecology and sustainability.
Organizers say the main idea behind the exhibit is to remind people that plants are living organisms.
“We live with plants all the time,” says Kate Fermoile. “We walk by trees, we have house plants in our living room, but we don’t necessarily think about them as a living thing.”
The exhibit has been shown around the globe, including in London and China.
It will be open to view at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden until Oct. 27.