Brooklyn candle shop creates product line inspired by and for empowered women

One Brooklyn candle company is launching a new product line inspired by the strength and empowerment of women.
It all started with an idea and a love for candles

"For individuals when they experience it so it's scent and burning candles is a personal experience and an intimate experience," says Carly Shumaker, director of production and development.

Brooklyn Candle Studio is now making it a mission to empower women by handcrafting new scents while helping raise money for charity.

“It feels good to make something that will better that community and ultimately myself,” says Nylah Scypion, seasonal employee.

The candles are designed with women power in mind. From the wax to the wick down to the packaging, which features a silhouette of a woman in power.

Those who are interested in buying these candles should note that 10% of proceeds are being donated to women's rights charitable organizations.
The charitable organizations include Planned Parenthood, Change and Equality Now. All charities that Shumaker believes will make a difference for the lives of so many women

“It’s just really awesome to celebrate women through this candle line and be donating a portion of the proceeds to those organizations that I very much value,” says Shumaker.